Michael Picher is a composer, sample library developer, trumpet player, and a genuine jack-of-all-trades in arts and entertainment.

Born to a musical family, Michael started composing music as a hobby in high school. Since then, he has written original music for two award winning short films and currently works on Pencilmation, a popular cartoon series which has amassed over 18 million subscribers on YouTube. Other projects over the years include ambient background music for a V-Tuber as well as a magician, varying music for audio dramas, original songs ranging from jazz to rock to show tunes, not to mention orchestral and choral works for concert settings.

As a trumpet player, Michael has earned multiple awards and honors, including the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award in high school. In college, Michael's trumpet talent was recognized by the Mouse himself when he was hired as a musician at the Walt Disney World Resort for their annual Christmas parade, acting as one of the trumpet section leaders during his second year.

Michael Picher playing pipe organ at Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion
Michael Picher as Deems Taylor Fantasia parody

Virtual instrument samples libraries are an essential tool for the modern composer, giving them a voice when live players are unavailable. Michael sets himself apart from many of his peers by creating his own custom sample libraries in the SFZ format. These include traditional instruments such as pianos, organs, and percussion, but also children’s toys, wrenches, and even baking pans! Many of these sample libraries are available for download for anyone who might find them useful in their own compositions.

In addition to music, Michael has secondary passions for filmmaking and art, having taken a number of classes and participated in multiple projects focusing around film/video production, art and animation, and acting.

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