Michael Picher is a freelance composer, independent sample library developer, trumpet player, and a genuine jack-of-all-trades, when it comes to arts and entertainment. Born to a musical family, his music education began almost immediately, through hands on experimentation with various musical instruments and ear training exercises with his father, at no later than 3 years old.

     Michael’s interest in music composition could be seen early on, and officially became a regular hobby when he was in High School. Since then, he has written original music for two award-winning short films as well as for audio dramas, private commissions, and live concert settings. He is currently a Member of BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) as a songwriter and composer. His ability to compose in a variety of musical styles has allowed him to jump from emotional orchestral scores, to ambient synth, to jazzy animated zaniness, to show tunes. One of his recent clients has been Ross Bollinger Animation LLC., who hired him to compose original underscores for a couple of animated series, including Pencilmation, a series that currently has about 14 million subscribers on YouTube. Anyone is welcome to commission music from Michael, whether it be for a film, video game, online video, audio drama, podcast, live performance, or even just personal use!

2017 Headshot tux with Background_ALT.jp
Michael Picher playing pipe organ at Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion
Michael Picher as Deems Taylor Fantasia parody

     After a couple years of piano lessons, trumpet became Michael’s primary instrument, during the summer of 2003. This continued the Picher trumpet playing legacy, that can be traced at least as far back as his great-grandfather, who played cornet. In the 1930s, his grandfather was a trumpet player in dance bands and his father was a member of the United States Navy Band in Washington D.C., in the 1980s. Michael’s own experience with trumpet has seen him perform classical and jazz works, earning him awards and honors in both styles, including the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award in 2010 and being selected as a member of the 2005-2006 and 2007-2008 Florida All-State Concert Bands. Michael has performed in jazz bands, marching bands, a brass band, chamber ensembles, and an orchestra. For the 2016 and 2017 Christmas seasons, Michael's trumpet talent was recognized by the mouse himself when he was hired as a musician at the Walt Disney World Resort for their annual Christmas parade, acting as one of the trumpet section leaders during his second year.

     One of Michael’s most recent ventures is creating virtual instrument sample libraries, created around the open source SFZ format.
These instruments range from the conventional to the unconventional, with his first publicly released sample library featuring his grandfather's vintage celestette. This was soon followed by pianos, synths, organs, baby toys, and even baking pans. SFZ sample libraries do not require paid software to be used, making them more accessible to composers and musicians on a budget, while still including important features such as key switches, round robins, LFO, and custom controls via MIDI CC. The SFZ format also allows Michael to create sample libraries that support multiple dynamic layers and microphone positions.

     Because of a secondary passion for film and animation, Michael has pursued projects and taken a number of classes focused around film/video production, art/animation, and acting. Having this dual knowledge proved to be invaluable as he began writing underscores for various short films and independent projects, because it allows him to communicate on a higher level with directors and video producers, when it came to translating their ideas into music.

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I have been composing original music for over a decade! My work has been heard in award-winning short films as well as audio dramas, private commissions, and performed live in concert.


To help me make my music, I create my own unique virtual instrument sample libraries, which are available for download by my fellow musicians and composers.


As a trumpet player, I have experience performing both classical music and jazz, earning awards and honors in both styles. See Full Bio