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     Do you have a fun and challenging project for me (concert works, personal commission, film underscore, video game background music, podcast intro/outro, haunted house theme, etc.)? It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or just getting started, I will always give you my best work!


     I have experience writing orchestral, jazz, and electronic music as standalone pieces or as part of an underscore/soundtrack. Over the years, I have also written the music and lyrics for a number of songs and choral works (religious, jazz, show tune, ballad, and rock). Song commissions will be delivered with a low quality demo vocal track, unless the budget allows me to hire an actual singer.

     Commissions can delivered as sheet music and/or as a recording.

  • Sheet Music (PDF): Sheet music will be delivered as PDF file. For multi-instrumental scores, individual parts will already be extracted and ready for performance. A WAV file, featuring a basic playback of the music, will be provided as reference.

  • Recording (WAV): Recordings will be delivered as a 48 kHz/24-Bit WAV file, performed by high quality virtual instrument sample libraries and/or live instruments. Live instruments are subject to availability and in some cases may require an additional cost. Let me know if you want sheet music in addition to the recording.

I retain the rights to any and all original music or musical arrangements that I am commissioned to write, unless other terms are agreed upon.



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I have been composing original music for over a decade! My work has been heard in award-winning short films as well as audio dramas, private commissions, and performed live in concert.


To help me make my music, I create my own unique virtual instrument sample libraries, which are available for download by my fellow musicians and composers.


As a trumpet player, I have experience performing both classical music and jazz, earning awards and honors in both styles. See Full Bio