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     Do you have a fun and challenging project for me (concert works, personal commission, film underscore, video game background music, podcast intro/outro, haunted house theme, etc.)? It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or just getting started, I will always give you my best work!


     I have experience writing orchestral, jazz, and electronic music as standalone pieces or as part of an underscore/soundtrack. Over the years, I have also written the music and lyrics for a number of songs and choral works (religious, jazz, show tune, ballad, and rock). Song commissions will be delivered with a low quality demo vocal track, unless the budget allows me to hire an actual singer.

     Commissions can delivered as sheet music and/or as a recording.

  • Sheet Music (PDF): Sheet music will be delivered as PDF file. For multi-instrumental scores, individual parts will already be extracted and ready for performance. A WAV file, featuring a basic playback of the music, will be provided as reference.

  • Recording (WAV): Recordings will be delivered as a 48 kHz/24-Bit WAV file, performed by high quality virtual instrument sample libraries and/or live instruments. Live instruments are subject to availability and in some cases may require an additional cost. Let me know if you want sheet music in addition to the recording.

     Bellow are common examples of the different types of instruments/ensembles I can write for, but I'm not necessarily limited to these options...

I retain the rights to any and all original music or musical arrangements

that I am commissioned to do, unless other terms are agreed upon.

Prices are subject to change, based on the nature of the commission.



Virtual Instruments




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I have been composing original music for over a decade! My work has been heard in award-winning short films as well as audio dramas, private commissions, and performed live in concert.


To help me make my music, I create my own unique virtual instrument sample libraries, which are available for download by my fellow musicians and composers.


As a trumpet player, I have experience performing both classical music and jazz, earning awards and honors in both styles. See Full Bio