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Virtual Instrument Sample Library License Agreement

    By downloading my virtual instrument sample libraries, you agree and are bound to the terms of this License Agreement.
    All audio files, included as part of any sample library created by Michael Picher, are his sole property, unless otherwise stated, and are licensed, not sold. The aforementioned sample libraries, excluding versions explicitly marked as a “Demo” version, CAN be use as part of any published commercial or non-commercial work, within the context and purpose of a musical composition or performance. You are NOT allowed to modify, transfer, rent, lease, loan, resell, distribute, network, electronically transmit, upload, duplicate, or copy any of the files that make up the aforementioned sample libraries, especially any audio sample files, without expressed permission from Michael Picher.

    Furthermore, you are NOT allowed to use the audio sample files from the aforementioned sample libraries, or any recordings using the audio sample files, with the intention of using them in the context of an audio sample, as part of any other sample library, virtual instrument, game, or related software. The aforementioned sample libraries and any files included therein are licensed "as is" without warranties of any kind.


     If you have any questions regarding my virtual instruments or this license agreement, feel free to Contact Me!

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