Virtual Instrument Sample Libraries

Will work in most DAWs and notation software, using Plogue's sforzando!


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HamOrg New Box Art ALT.jpg

Tonewheel organ recorded from a direct input setup.


• Chromatically sampled

• Drawbar controls

• "Fast" and "Slow" percussion harmonics (2nd, 3rd, 5th)

• Vibrato and chorus controls

v3.0.4 Version History

ElecOrg New Box Art.jpg

Spinet organ recorded from a direct input setup.

• Instrument/tone samples controllable via sliders and KS

• Vibrato and sustain controls

• Rhythm sounds, with included MIDI files that recreate the beat patterns and fills

v1.2.1 Version History

Pocket Synth New Box Art.jpg

Simple dual oscillator synthesizer.

• Pitch, x-mod, cutoff, and resonance controls

v1.0 Version History

Celestette New Box Art FIN.jpg

My grandfather's mini celeste, called a celestette, from the 1950s.

• Adjustable key mechanism and release samples

• Up to 4x round robin

v1.0.1 Version History

Binaural Piano New Box Art Flat.jpg

Upright piano, recorded in a home.

• Recorded binaurally from the player's perspective

• Up to 3 dynamic layers

• Full length samples, including note and mechanical release samples (pedals and keys)

• Unique sample sets for sustain pedal up and down

v1.1 Version History


Muted Cartoon Wahs Box Art.jpg

Short muted trumpet and trombone "wahs".

• 3 lengths

• Up to 3x round robin

• Dry samples

v1.0 Version History


Auxiliary Percussion New Box Art.jpg

Woodblocks, claves, triangles, tambourines, shakers.

• Up to 4x round robin

• Sampled releases and dampening (triangles only)

• Looped triangle rings, plus tambourine and shaker shakes

• Dry samples

v1.1.3 Version History

Indian Bells New Box Art.jpg

Four small bells from the 60s/70s, plus a bonus teacher's apple bell. 

• Up to 3 dynamic layers

• Up to 4x round robin

• Single bell strikes, rings, and wind chime effects (in stereo)

• 3 ringing speeds, looped, with release samples

• Dry samples

v1.2.1 Version History

New Kalimbascope Box.jpg

Kalimba recorded from two different microphone perspectives: stereo condensers and mono dynamic.

• Effects: sample start, reversed samples, tremolo

• Up to 4x round robin

• Sampled with and without sympathetic response

• Dry samples

v1.1.3 Version History


8-Bit Chip New Box Art.jpg

NES-inspired tone and noise samples for creating chiptune-style music.

• Pulse (50%/25%/12%), triangle, and noise wave samples

• Simple all-in-one keyboard layout

• "Legato" effect

• Vibrato, tremolo, slide (portamento), attack, and release controls

v2.1.3 Version History

Toy Instruments New Box Art.jpg

A collection of musical toys.

• Little Tike Piano, Xylo Piano, toy xylophone

• Toy drum, cymbals, tambourine, and 2 shakers

• Up to 4x round robin

• Sampled releases

• Dry samples

v1.2.1 Version History

Baking Pan-demonium New Box Art.jpg

Nine unique baking pans, varying in size and shape. Finger, wooden stick, and metal stick strikes.

• 3 dynamic layers

• Up to 8x round robin

• 3 microphones, 2 perpectives

• Dry samples

v1.0.1 Version History

Cardboard Tube Drum New Box Art.jpg

I created a tube drum from a balloon and three cardboard poster tubes.

• 2 dynamic layers (smooth transition)

• Up to 4x round robin

• Dry samples

v1.1.2 Version History

qwerty keyboards box art FIN.jpg

My April Fools Day sample libraries.

• "Singing in the Shower" (2019)

• "QWERTY" keyboards (2021)

Melodic Wrenches Box.jpg

3-octave wrenchophone, wind chimes, and impacts.

• Wrenchophone (mallet & wrench strikes via key switches), wind chimes, and impacts

• Up to 3x round robin

• Stereo condenser or mono dynamic mic perspectives

• Effects: cutoff, sample start, attack, tremolo, slow mo.

v1.0.1 Version History