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     Michael Picher is a versatile composer with years of experience writing underscores/background music for media, standalone/concert works, and songs, whether it be for a wacky cartoon or a dark fantasy. His music has been heard in award-winning short films and popular animated series, including “Pencilmation”, for which he has written nearly 3.5 hours of music!

     As a trumpet player, Michael has earned multiple awards and honors for both classical and jazz performance, over the course of almost 20 years of playing the instrument. Michael also works with virtual instruments, using his playing experience in the real world to craft orchestral MIDI mockups that are grounded in reality and mimic a performance by live musicians. This is done using a mix of high quality virtual instrument sample libraries from industry leading developers, as well as some libraries that Michael has created himself, giving his music a unique voice. Michael’s custom sample libraries include faithful digital recreations of traditional instruments such as pianos, synths and organs, trumpet and trombone effects, and percussion, but also children’s toys, wrenches, and even baking pans!

     In addition to music, Michael has secondary passions for video production and art/animation. Over the years, he has worked on multiple projects as an editor, videographer, and artist/graphic designer.



Orchestral & Small Ensemble

Electronic & Experimental

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