I Want Your Opinion + HamOrg 2.0.1 Update

Hey Everyone!

I have found a new place to record samples, so my acoustic guitar virtual instruments will be back in production soon! To recap, my plan is to record two different guitars, a vintage model and a more modern one, and I want to include controls that you wouldn't normally find in a virtual guitar. Especially one that low budget musicians could afford. These controls got me thinking, however...

Would you prefer a virtual instrument that gives you complete control over every facet of the sound, or one that produces an ideal sound with very little customization?

If you have an opinion, feel free to reply to this Email! I mostly make these virtual instruments with myself in mind, so they are usually full of extra controls, but I realize that many other people may not need or have the opportunity to use these controls, an example of the latter being in notation software. No point in making people pay for extra features they don't need!

In other news, I recently fixed a bug in the new HamOrg. Anyone who has purchased the full version will get the update for free!


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