HamOrg v2.0 Beta Testing Opportunities

Hello Fellow Musicians!

I am on the cusp of releasing a major update to HamOrg! This is my virtual tonewheel/drawbar organ, which is not unlike the legendary organs produced by the Hammond Organ company. You've likely heard it's distinctive sound in everything from jazz, gospel, rock, funk, and more! Here are some of the new features in HamOrg v2.0...

- Chromatically recorded tone samples (WAV, 96.000 kHz, 16-bit) - Added pedal keyboard - Revised vibrato effect - Added chorus effect - Improve attack/release controls - Many miscellaneous script improvements If you are interested in helping me bug test the beta of HamOrg v2.0, then contact me as soon as you can! In other words, if you want a free copy of one of my best virtual instruments and all you have to do is give me feedback in return, then message me ASAP! -Michael

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