Lowered Price on "HamOrg" & Other News

Hello fellow music lovers! After some thought, I decided to knock down the price of the Full Version of "HamOrg". You can now get it for only $25! A real steal, considering the work I've put into it. While other virtual Hammond organs are drowned in effects, hardly customize-able, or just crude imitations, I wanted "HamOrg" to represent a Hammond's pure natural sound, right down to the various whines of the tone wheels. It's wonderfully nostalgic. Plus, it gives you more control when you do start layering effects, like a rotary speaker simulator.

Download HamOrg v1.2 If you haven't already, I encourage you to check out the Full Versions of my other instruments, such as "ElecOrg", "Miscellaneous Metal", and "Auxiliary Percussion". When you buy any of these instruments, I will be more than happy to send you any updates for free! For those of you who read the end of my last mass Email, you know that my next major virtual instrument will be a set of acoustic guitars. Earlier today, I was actually figuring out how to best script part of it. There are a number of other virtual guitars out there (like there are virtual Hammonds), but, of course, the best cost a fortune and the cheapest are disappointingly limited or just sound fake. My virtual guitars will be unique, high quality, and perfect for people on a budget (like me!). While the virtual acoustic guitars will be the next "big" project, I have other smaller virtual instruments on the way as well. One being a set focused around soft musical/meditative sounds (bells, gongs, wind chimes, rain stick, etc.) that I'm tentatively calling "The ASMR Orchestra". When it's done, it will offer some great opportunities for some experimental music or it could be used to add color to more traditional compositions. As always, if any of you use my virtual instruments in a composition, I'd love to hear it! -Michael

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