HamOrg v1.2

Hello Everyone!

Both the "Full Version" and the "Lite Version" of HamOrg has been updated with an adjustable "key click" effect, along with some other miscellaneous tweaks under the hood! You can read into the specifics in this Google Doc.

When you play a real Hammond organ, there is a subtle "click" effect, caused by the metal contacts of the keys triggering the sound of each note. You can now control the intensity of this effect in HamOrg! In addition, I have also added a control that allows you to round out the end of the note. So, now you can run the full gamut from someone tap dancing on top the organ, to a buttery-smooth sound.

I also added a "5th Harmonic" option to the percussion effect in the "Full Version".

Download HamOrg v1.2

If you have already purchased the "Full Version" of HamOrg, let me know and I'll send you this update for free!

Since my virtual organ doesn't simulate a rotary cabinet (an important element for certain styles), you can find a number of plug-ins online. I personally use "MVintageRotary", but the are other free options, if you look around.

I hope everyone enjoys this update! Let me know if you run into any issues!



I have decided that my next major virtual instrument will be a collection of acoustic guitars. Planned features include strumming control, chords built using the correct fingerings, and the ability to switch between a chromatic mapping over all six strings or just one.

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