Will work in most DAWs and notation software, using Plogue's sforzando!

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      A kalimba is a western interpretation of an African thumb piano, known as the mbira. As with my other sample libraries, I have done my best to record samples that would make it possible to recreate a realistic perfromance. However, I’ve also made it possible to stretch beyond what is physically possible and manipulate the sound in a variety of different ways, hence the play on the word "kaleidoscope"!

• Note dampening samples

• Up to 4x round robin

• Sampled with and without sympathetic response

• Choose between 2 microphone perspectives

          • Stereo small condenser microphones

          • Mono 1970s dynamic microphone

• "Realstic" build and "Piano Style" build

• Dry samples, for maximum flexibility

Tech Specs:

     - SFZ Format (Level 2.0+)

     - 48 kHz, FLAC, Stereo/Mono

     - 45.5 MB on Disk

Works in most DAWs and notation software using Plogue's sforzando, a free SFZ player that functions as both a standalone player, as well as a VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin.

Current Version 1.0.1 Version History


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