Will work in most DAWs and notation software, using Plogue's sforzando!

      A kalimba is a western interpretation of an African thumb piano, known as the mbira. As with my other sample libraries, I have done my best to make the basis of my virtual kalimba be as faithful as possible to a performance with the real thing. However, I’ve also made it possible to stretch beyond what is physically possible and manipulate the sound in a variety of different ways, hence the play on the word "kaleidoscope"!



     - Finger & finger nail attacks

     - Note dampen samples

     - With & without sympathetic response

     - Reversed Samples

     - Stereo condenser microphones & mono vintage dynamic microphone

     - Up to 4x round robin

     - Effects (strumming, tapping)

     - Dry samples, for maximum flexibility

     - Includes alternate builds that artificially extend the playable range, as well as one build that rearranges the samples to mimic the functionality of a conventional piano, a literal thumb piano!

Tech Specs:

     - SFZ Format (Level 2.0+)

     - 48 kHz/24-bit, WAV, Stereo/Mono

     - 781.7 MB on Disk (Full Version)

Current Version 1.0 Version History

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Free Version

Full Version

- Finger/Nail Attacks

- Note Dampen Samples

- With/Without Sympathetic Response

- Reversed Samples

- Tremolo Effect

- Stereo Condenser Microphones/Mono Dynamic

- Alternate Builds/Extended Range

- Finger Attacks Only

- Note Dampen Samples

- With Sympathetic Response Only

- Tremolo Effect

- Stereo Condenser Microphones/Mono Dynamic




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I have been composing original music for over a decade! My work has been heard in award-winning short films as well as audio dramas, private commissions, and performed live in concert.


To help me make my music, I create my own unique virtual instrument sample libraries, which are available for download by my fellow musicians and composers.


As a trumpet player, I have experience performing both classical music and jazz, earning awards and honors in both styles. See Full Bio