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     If you need that musical sound from an 80s rock band or a Homestar Runner cartoon, this sample library could fit the bill! I built this virtual synth from samples, recorded using a vintage keyboard, that just appeared one day. When we were kids, my brother and I spent countless hours playing around with it. I even composed some of my very first melodies of music using this keyboard. Full List of Sounds

• 20 key switchable tones

• Bass and accompaniment tones

• Vibrato (Normal/Delayed) and sustain controls

• Rhythm sounds, with included MIDI files that recreate the beat patterns and fills

Tech Specs:

     - SFZ (Level 2.0+)

     - 48 kHz, FLAC, Mono

     - 60.7 MB on Disk (Full Version)

Works in most DAWs and notation software using Plogue's sforzando, a free SFZ player that functions as both a standalone player, as well as a VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin.

Current Version: 1.2.2 Version History


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Full Version

Free Version

- 10 key switchable tone presets

- Rhythm sounds

- Some pre-made beats

- 20 key switchable tone presets

- Bass & Accompaniment

- Rhythm sounds

- Pre-made beats/fills