Binaural Upright Piano

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     This was my very first attempt at sampling a piano! Since there are loads of other virtual pianos out there, so I decided that I wanted to do something unique. The samples were  recorded using a mannequin head with two small microphones coming out of the ears. When using headphones, the end result creates the sensation actually sitting in front of the family piano!

• Recorded binaurally from the player's perspective

• Up to 3 dynamic layers

• Full length samples, including note and mechanical release samples (pedals and keys)

• Unique sample sets for when the sustain pedal is up and down

Tech Specs:

     - SFZ Format (Level 2.0+)/SF2 (Normal Sustain Samples Only)

     - 48 kHz, OGG, Stereo

     - 135.5 MB on Disk (SFZ Version)/245.3 MB (SF2 Version)

Works in most DAWs and notation software using Plogue's sforzando, a free SFZ player that functions as both a standalone player, as well as a VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin.

Current Version: 1.1 Version History

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